Hankie Couture Philosophy

The Hankie Couture philosophy is at once thoughtful, logical, and loving. Perhaps this is because conditions in the Hankie Couture world are consistently wonderful. Every morning the sun shines, the skies are blue, and folks wake up ready to enjoy the day. This relaxed attitude gives rise to Hankie Couture’s top ten precepts:

  • When you look good, you feel good
  • Speak from the heart, and make every syllable meaningful
  • There is no greater gift than kindness
  • Humor and wit are as vital as common sense
  • Strive to be loyal and straightforward
  • Neatness counts
  • Good taste and passion are not mutually exclusive
  • With confidence and spirit, there's no telling how far you can go
  • Winners bow graciously to their opponents and cheer with the crowd
  • A handwritten thank-you note makes a big impression

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