Hankie Couture FAQ

If I send Marsha my vintage handkerchief will she make me a Hankie Couture creation out of it?

Yes, but you have to give Marsha absolute creative discretion, and the time to do it.

What was the name of Marsha's label before Hankie Couture?

The name of Marsha's vintage handkerchief doll dress label, which she used between 2002 and early 2007, was "Hankie Panky."

Are dresses with Hankie Couture labels being sold on eBay now?

Yes, they are available on eBay now; Marsha began using the new label in the spring of 2007.

What is Marsha's favorite Hankie Couture dress?

Marsha's favorite Hankie Couture dress is the one she named the Anniversary Muse. It is a red, blue, and white apron dress featuring a double-scallop pattern on the skirt and large red roses in the center. The strategically designed skirt features an apron stitched down on the back and bottom, but the front of the apron is free and can lift up. The apron pattern continues around to the back and the two pieces come together in a perfectly matched seam. The white dress underneath is pure cotton linen. Finishing touches include a matching scallop-rimmed collar, a satin-ribbon belt adorned with a rose, and a floral headband.

When did Marsha start sewing?

Marsha started sewing when she was eight years old.

How big is Marsha's sewing machine? Is it doll-size?

No, it is a full-size machine!

How old is a "vintage" handkerchief?

Handkerchiefs became popular in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, and most of the hankies used in Hankie Couture come from that era.

What other products is Marsha creating for Hankie Couture?

Marsha is now creating Hankie Couture furniture, including bedroom sets, chairs, sofas, lamps, dining-room sets, and vanity tables with matching stools.

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